As a rule, opening a business in a pandemic has its challenges. Over the past 2 months, I have learned some tricks to better serve our clients while keeping everyone safe. It has been quite the adventure and I am sure we will talk about this experience for years to come. Here are some ways I have adapted to our new normal.

 1) Practice facial expressions while wearing a mask

Getting to know new clients can be challenging when they can barely see your face! As a counter-measure, it is important to practice your eye and eyebrow expressions so everyone knows what you are thinking.

2) Prepare yourself for puppy overload

You may not believe this but you can become overwhelmed by sheer adorableness. When people are stuck at home, it is (apparently) the perfect time to get a puppy! Practice your parasite and vaccination spiel. Stock up on treats to make early visits more fun.

3) Count on your neighbors

Forget small town neighbors. City neighbors are the best! So many of our new clients are either within walking distance or less than 5 minutes away. It has been so great to get to know all of you. We are so glad to be here for you and your pets.